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20, 21, 22 June 2014 in Paris, with Dominic Barter

Walking towards conflict — an introduction to Restorative Systems


We are very happy to announce Dominic Barter's visit to Paris.

Dominic Barter lives in Brazil where the practice of Circulos Restaurativos was developed in the 1990s.

The movement originated in Rio de Janeiro with Dominic Barter and favela communities working together to develop a community response to violence and injustice. Since then, the work has won awards from the Justice and the Education departments, at local, state and federal level, and the work has spread to 25 countries.

Whether it be in the world of justice or of education, in the world of business, with activist groups, religious communities, among volunteers or in our families, conflicts and the way we respond to them often leave us feeling dissatisfied.

During this three-day encounter we will be given the opportunity to:

  • discover a more deeply satisfying alternative for both the way we see conflicts and how we understand their ability to seed more resilient, cohesive relationships;
  • look for a more effective response which allows space for conflict in our society, restores its meaning and takes care of the relationship between people and their need for integrity.

We are excited at the prospect of you participating.

The team of the restorative circles' research and practice group of Paris.


Location: Espace Madeleine Delbrêl, 20 rue de la Tombe Issoire, 75014 PARIS (5mn from Metro St Jacques, RER Denfert Rochereau)

  • Saturday 21, 9h to 17h30: An all-day introduction, open to all
Discover and practise an alternative way of dealing with conflicts, in an interactive workshop
  • Sunday 22, 9h to 17h30: An all-day workshop for in-depth study and practise
Open to people who have been experimenting Restorative Circles for some time, and those who are wanting to, and have participated in an intro course.
Also open to Saturday’s participants.

Purpose of this 3-day encounter

This encounter is a very special opportunity to give in-depth consideration both individually and collectively to the way we regard conflict and how we address it.



The number of seats for Friday evening is limited to 250. For Saturday and Sunday, the number of seats is limited to 150. Kindly sign up below so we can keep track of the number of registered participants, and help the others through a waiting list.

  • Accommodation:

If you'd like to give someone a place to stay during this workshop, or if you need accommodation, please fill this form : Give or request a place to stay.

Another solution, a few pages about not expensive places in Paris : Not expensive places in Paris

Co-create the necessary resources for this event and this work

Dominic and his colleagues want to give access to this work to all those wishing to. They offer it in the spirit of a gift, as an occasion to come and learn. Since its inception, access to this work has been given freely. All Restorative Circle projects, Dominic's livelihood and that of increasing numbers of colleagues, have been supported by community donations. Dominic and his colleagues ask the participants to share with them and the organisers(*) the responsibility of this event's set up and the continued sharing of the work, if they wish. This event's costs (organisation, infrastructure, Dominic's travel from Brazil…) will be communicated during the week end and an open invitation will be made to all those wanting to contribute. We see ourselves as sharing all the power to be the change we're wishing to see in the world and to create the necessary conditions for it. The co-creation of these resources are therefore an opportunity to exercise such power.

  • The team of the restorative circles' research and practice group of Paris.

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